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1.1.3. PER CENT

The stress is on the cent of per cent ten perCENT

Notice the following when talking about interest rates:

0.5% a half of one per cent (or nought point five per cent)
0.25% a quarter of a percentage point (or nought point two five percent)

Notice the following when talking about interest rates:

The US Fed decreased interest rates by a half of one percent = 0.5%
The ECB cut interest rates this morning by a quarter of a point = 0.25%

Balance of 0.654% each is held by the Regional Association of the Rhineland and by the Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe


For the number 123 In British English you hear a hundred and twenty-three.
When this is read or spoken quickly the unstressed ‘and’ is often reduced to ‘n’

a hundred ‘n twenty-three.

NB: We don’t say ‘rock and roll’, but ‘rock ‘n roll’

In American English you usually hear a hundred twenty-three.

In British English, the number 1,999 is said one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine
Americans often say one thousand nine hundred ninety-nine

*NB: the year 1999 is said nineteen ninety-nine


We usually give telephone and fax numbers as individual digits except when we have double figures:

01273 736344 oh one two seven three, seven three six, three four four
344 can also be said as three double four
44 26 77 double four, two six, double seven
777 can be said as seven double seven, or seven seven seven

My telephone number is 416 5279098 (four one six five two seven nine oh nine eight)
Thanks, mine is oh double three two nine, six one two, six eight one (03329 612681)

If these were numbers you would read 4,165,279,098 as:

four billion (PAUSE) one hundred and sixty-five million (PAUSE) two hundred and seventy-nine thousand (PAUSE) and ninety-eight.


Fractions are mostly like ordinal numbers (fifth, sixth, twenty-third etc):

a/one fifth (1/5), a/one sixth (1/6), a/one seventh (1/7), an/one eighth (1/8), a/one ninth (1/9) etc

Notice, however, the following:

1/2 half / a half
1/3 a/one third
1/4 a quarter/one fourth
3/4 three quarters
3 1/2 three and a half
2 3/4 two and three quarters
4/5 four fifths

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